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Two-stage security concept:
Central locking by cylinder lock with foldable key.
Tilt protection - it is not possible to pull out several drawers at the same time.

2 driving handles.
All-round ram protection.
Durable plastic shelf made of ABS with compartments for small parts.
Oil- and acid-resistant smooth running wheels (Ø 125 mm) with thread protection to protect the bearings from dirt and threads, with two parking brakes.
Hole grid on both sides for hooks No. 8031-8041, e.g. B. for larger tools.
Can be equipped with STAHLWILLE standard and TCS inserts.
6 easily removable drawers with full extension and ball cage guides.


₱53,000.00 Regular Price
₱50,350.00Sale Price
  • Why Choose the Stahlwille TTS 93 Tool Trolley 81200154

    When you need to move a lot of tools at once, you need more than a toolkit. What you need is a tool trolley with enough volume and space to carry all your important tools and still keep them organised. The Stahlwille TTS 93/6 A Tool Trolley is a first-grade storage system for the seamless transportation of tools. A product of Stahlwille in Germany, it is sturdy and solidly constructed from high-quality materials.

    Stahlwille Tool Trolley TTS 93 comes with six fully functional drawers that are easy to remove. Each drawer rests on easily extendable rails with ball bearing cage guides for quick access to tools. Made from rugged plastic with compartments for smaller parts, this trolley was engineered for functionality and durability. The drawers are designed in such a way that they can be opened one at a time to guard against the trolley tilting over.

    The two-stage locking system of the Stahlwille 81200154 TTS 93 Tool Trolley ensures that your tools remain safe from unauthorised access. The central locking system uses a cylinder lock with a foldable key keeping the entire tool trolley secure. Furthermore, each of the six drawers come with individual locks for additional safety. Even when you are in transit, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t lose your tools because the drawers opened mistakenly.

    With two driving handles and another at the top made from stainless steel, the Stahlwille Tool Trolley 81200154 TTS 93 makes transportation easier. You can pull or push with ease thanks to the smooth-running wheels that are mounted on ball bearings. They are specially designed to be resistant to oil and acids, plus it has a feature to protect the bearings from particles. Order online at



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